Between Earth & Sky – Drops September 21st

As a young person attending School… I was not known as a over-achieving student. In fact, I barely got by! I won’t go into detail… but my grades were bad! Somehow I graduated High School in 1977. All throughout my years as a student… I felt dumb. On many levels, it was hard as I wanted to shy away from it all. But one thing I did know about myself back then is that I loved melody… and often my mind would wander into melodies. I would sit in class not hearing a thing the teacher was saying because in my mind… I was day dreaming of music and melody. I was fearful of what others would think, so I never let on to the notion that I was making up songs during class. I couldn’t help myself and I remember there many times when I ran alone in the night… making up melodies as I ran. For those that might not know… I was highly successful runner in High School. In fact there were many times as I raced that music would fill my head during cross country and track races.

I felt odd… strange… different!

When I was 19 years old… I met some amazing people who started something I never dreamt would happen. The guitar came into my life! Tony Nix, Roy VanBerkum and Randy Canaday were guitar players I looked up to and wanted to be like. I started learning the guitar! Running became less important and playing the guitar and writing songs became more important!!! My life changed and all of sudden… those melodies I once heard in my head were becoming a reality! All those melodic dreams found they’re way onto my finger tips… and I have been pursuing those dreams ever since.

The title of my next Heart Dance Records release is called “Between Earth & Sky.” It’s a melodic celebration of those musical dreams of my youth. I remember a teacher referred to me as someone “who had their head in the clouds.” Seems fitting to name this release with that thought in mind!

Little did I know I would live out those dreams so for many years… and even now as I feel I am writing and recording the best music of my life.

Between Earth & Sky will be released on September 21st on Heart Dance Records! Mark your calendars and stay tuned! More to come!!!

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