Grace Will Lead Me Home

This song by David Dunn has been on my heart all week! For starters… it is a great song. The production, the song structure… melody etc. It’s so good!


It’s message is what is moving my heart so deeply these days. I am less than a year away from celebrating my 60th year upon this earth. What an amazing thing to consider. God has been good on so many levels… yet, at this stage in life… I feel like I have blown so many things… opportunities, relationships, etc. I am surely a vessel that is broken! It’s a reality that we all come to terms with for no one is perfect… we’re all really imperfect, being made perfect by God’s goodness, mercy and grace. God has been faithful!

In Genesis 47, Jacob recounts God’s faithfulness. “My years have been few and difficult”(Genesis 47:9). Indeed they had been. Jacob’s life had been marked by conflict, struggle, heartache, and sin. Yet the thing he sees in his old age, even when his eyes are failing him, is God’s faithfulness.

Like Jacob, we must remember how God has been our Shepherd. Jacob was a shepherd, so he knew that shepherds have three jobs—to lead, to feed, and to guard their sheep. God had taken Jacob from one end of the known world to the other, but the real shepherding had been in the way God had guided Jacob’s stubborn heart, fed his empty soul, and guarded him from his toughest enemy—himself. That is what God has done for us, too.

No matter where we are in life… no matter what struggles we find ourselves addressing in this time of life… God is faithful! His grace… will lead us home!


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