November 10, 2017


Within each heart and life are deep internal motivations. We are driven to express… to communicate… to move to the rhythm of a passion to know and be known. We have been given an ability to think and dream and engage all that is around us… but yet there is a longing for a meaningful interaction with a world that is seemingly beyond our grasp. So begins the journey of the heart… desperate to build a relationship with God.

From the life and pen of Ken Verheecke (a Native-American Yu’pik Eskimo) comes forth the call of his heart… “To create music that inspires others to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.”  Since 1991 this has been Ken’s passion.

Ken has released several solo recordings since 1993, and after seeing nearly 170,000 album downloads, Ken signed with Heart Dance Records out of Phoenix, AZ to release his instrumental releases. In January of 2018, Heart Dance Records released “Consider the Moon & Stars” and that same month it hit the number 5 slot for the ZMR Top 100 Chart. On September 21st of this year Heart Dance Records will release “Between Earth & Sky” Ken’s second release on the label. Many have stated, this is Ken’s best release to date! Lastly… Ken plans to finally record a new vocal album, something that is long past due! Stay tuned!!!

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