November 10, 2017


Guitarist and composer Ken Verheeke has released nine albums since his debut album in 2002. To date he has had over 150,000 album downloads through various digital sites. His tenth recording will be released on the Heart Dance Recordings label and is titled Consider the Moon & Stars. The title track, “Consider the Moon & Stars” was released by HDR as a single this past August 2017.

Ken has been a long-time admirer and fan of Will Ackerman. “I’ll never forget when I first heard Will’s album Passage. It was fall of 1982 – the moment I placed the needle on the grooves of this record, I was immediately drawn into its simplicity and beauty. I started to dream of one day recording an album as beautiful as Passage. I am still in pursuit of that dream!” ~ Ken Verheecke

As a musician, Ken’s focus is acoustic guitar, although his most recent release features his electric guitar. Ken has been featured on several sampler releases – Winter Gifts, and Winter Gifts II (Many Miles Music), The Gathering (2012) which includes songs from 22 artists produced by GRAMMY winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont. The Gathering won the Zone Music Reporter Album of the Year in 2012. Recently both Ken’s music and photography was featured on the sampler CD Best New Age Reviews – The Guitar, which contains some of the world’s best guitarists. Ken has a growing audience in Asia and Europe and hopes to tour there one day.

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From Ken – “Within each heart and life are deep internal motivations. We are driven to express, to communicate, to move to the rhythm of a passion to know and be known. We have been given an ability to think and dream and engage all that is around us, but yet there is a longing for a meaningful interaction with a world that is seemingly beyond our grasp. So begins the journey of the heart – desperate to experience life and all it has to offer.”

Ken has been a resident of South Dakota since 1978. As a child Ken’s father was in the Air Force, which required the family to move every 2 years, which heavily influenced Ken by the change of surrounding and culture. Not having any other musicians in his family, Ken tried out his first instrument – a ukulele – which didn’t last long. Later on Ken started playing the guitar at the age of 19. He found that he picked up learning the instrument quickly and it soon became his passion, still to this day playing the guitar from the moment he rises until he heads to bed.

Besides being heavily influenced by guitarist Will Ackerman and other artists on the Windham Hill label, Ken also finds inspiration from Phil Keaggy, Steve Morse, Kerry Livgren, Neal Schon and Steve Lukather. Verheecke’s compositions constitute mile marker moments within his journey. People often tell Ken that they feel a peaceful heart and spirit heard in his guitar playing. He has realized his gift to move people with his music and wants to share that with others as we live in a tumultuous time and there is a great need for peace, rest and healing.

There are intersections of time in Verheecke’s life when he was moved to express an experience through his music, be it a celebration or a moment of sadness, it is all sincere and honest. It is Ken’s journey and his hopes are that the listener is ultimately able to find his or her way within this marvelous gift of LIFE.