August 22, 2017

Instrumental Releases

Everything we can sense lies in the space between earth and sky. Although we are ground-dwellers, no human heart is earthbound. No imagination is limited. As Ken’s music has proved time and time again, not even the sky is the limit.

This album opens with the immortal sound of Houston getting ready to launch the American spacecraft, carrying astronaut John Glenn, into space. He was to become the first American to orbit the earth and the fifth person to be sent into pace. The year was 1962.

From this point on this album is one long, gloriously beautiful journey through space in, as the first track states, This Languid Motion.

A richness of sound enters with Consider the moon and stars, where the imagination can see through the windows of the craft, to the true, glorious, yet to be discovered elements of a sparkling new world; fresh, mysterious and somehow infinitely magical.

FIRST LIGHT is nominated for Best Acoustic Guitar Album for 2016 One World Music Radio Awards. It was originally released January of 2016. That particular version featured the solo guitar compositions Ken was writing at the time. In many ways, it was a monumental moment for Ken as it was his first all solo guitar release. But there were some tracks that Ken felt weren’t strong enough to keep and by the summer of 2016, through the encouragement of a friend decided to remove some of the initial tracks, add some new ones and then do some additional production work on some of the remaining original tracks. The end result has brought Ken to feel as though this is no doubt his best recorded effort to date. After dealing with a season of health issues, and enormous financial challenges, this release is a satisfying accomplishment. It is Ken’s hope listeners will feel the same!

Heartfelt compositions that is guaranteed to put you in a good place. This is an album of gorgeous melodies and expertly orchestrated arrangements, all recorded and produced in a way that makes every song shine.

Vin Downes – Recording Artist, Guitarist & Composer

Ken Verheecke’s new album “First Light” is an filled with so much love and of course light! His touch on the guitar is healing and relaxing. One of my favorite tracks is “Healing Rain” . You will fall in love with his style as you listen to him weave his thoughts by his gifted playing. By the time the last chord is done, the uplifting emotions will have put you in a good place. I highly recommend this album!

Kori Linae Carothers – Recording Artist, Pianist & Composer

It was September 2008… I had made my first journey to Alaska to meet family. My mother, Mary Ann Verheecke a full blood Yupik Eskimo had a brother named Paul Beebe and he lived in a village called Quinhagak. I was staying at my Uncle Paul’s place and I remember the first days there being extremely HOT in the house. My first thought was… “wow, they like it HOT in their house!” Little did I know… they were only trying to make us (myself and my siblings) comfortable… which was such a wonderful, nice thing, but it was a little too hot which we all laughed about later.

So, since it was so hot those first few days… I would leave the window by my bed open so that I could feel a cool breeze coming in and it was during those times I would stare into the beautiful night sky there in Quinhagak.

One night I dreamt I was floating over the village and above me were the Northern Lights dancing in the heavens, below me was the village. Floating up from the village was gospel music. You might ask… “gospel music?” Yes… and I think the reason why it was in my dream is because wherever I went in the village, the store, the laundry mat… homes, cars… I always heard gospel music being played. I remember marveling over that!

So… back to the dream. I heard gospel music floating upwards towards the Northern Lights… and soon that sound meshed with the sound of the heavens/northern lights. The combination of sounds has haunted me ever since and just like my album “Dreamfield” this one too is inspired by heavenly sounds.

It starts off with “Through The Veil of Tears” written and recorded days after losing our dog Aubrey to a heart condition. From that moment on… I never looked back.

Lights Over Quinhagak is the most ambitious album I have ever recorded! It also is a departure from my usual gentle acoustic releases… but it was something that needed to be done. I hope you, the listener will enjoy this journey into something I feel very good about.

New sounds… and tonal colors bleeding into the sounds of heaven… I give you, Lights Over Quinhagak.

In these trying times… we need music that brings comfort and healing…

“Your music has meant so much to our family. As my grandmother passed from this life into eternity, she specifically requested that your music be played as she breathed her last breaths. You have no idea how much comfort your music brought to her and my family during those last few moments of her life. Thank you… your music means so much to us.”

“Your CD saved my marriage…”

“You music was playing as my little girl was born into this world…”

“I heard Ken Verheecke’s “A Place Called Home” years ago and I absolutely loved this music from the very first note. I was going through lost and depression. It always cheered my mood. Thank you so much!”

“There was a brief season in my life when I wasn’t able to sleep, your CD’s helped me find rest during that time…”

“Through The Veil of Tears.” was created specifically to create an atmosphere of peace, comfort and healing. Whatever it is you’re facing, know that storms come and go… they don’t last forever. The sun will shine again! Life is a gift!

A collection of gorgeous, instrumental guitar… featuring steel and nylon string compositions.

The Spring Season is wonderful… beautiful time of the year…

Everyone loves the sweet smell in the air, the sounds of the birds, and the hints of warm summer to come. It is indeed a time of rebirth, of new beginnings.

This collection of songs contains the wonder and beauty of the Spring Season!

Summer is here… so, make food for + go on lots of picnics
host a backyard bbq
go into the outdoors as much as possible
roast marshmallows + hot dogs over the fire pit in the yard
dust off mountain bike and go for a ride
take a nap on a blanket in the grass
eat lots of ice cream
go for walks
sit outside all for the sake of being outside
take lots of photos
go to an outdoor movie if I can find one in the area
go camping if possible… Summer is here!!!

Originally released in the fall of 2009… now newly mastered and re-packaged… featuring photography provided by Katie Lautenschlager © 2011 KTPhotography!

A perfect addition to your music collection of instrumental music! Recorded during the fall of 2009 at Wind & Wheat Music Studio, Piedmont, SD

“This beautiful Holiday record includes a number of traditional Christmas favorites, and a few of Ken’s original pieces for balance. A vintage Martin classical guitar carries the melody with steel string guitar accompaniment. This is quite honestly the prettiest collection of Christmas music I’ve listened to in a long time.”

— Damon Buxton, Many Miles Music

Three years in the making Ken feels that this is his best recording to date and once you have the opportunity to hear this wonderful release… you might agree!

Based on two different dreams of Heaven, Ken in 2004 began to compose and record music that emulated the experiences & sounds within those dreams. Gazing into the night sky Ken would often dream of heaven meditating on Psalm 8:3,4 as well Revelation 21:4.

“With the tools that I have here within my studio I wanted to capture the sound of heaven. Although I could never say for sure if I truly experienced heaven within my dreams, but the sounds that I remember from those dreams still haunt me and resonate within me. I pray that those who listen to this recording will be filled with the awe and wonder of what Heaven might be like! It’s a place where we will slip beyond the veil of tears and experience no more pain or sorrow. It’s a place where all our dreams come true!”

“A place called home” is now available!!! This is Ken’s first all instrumental acoustic guitar effort. Recorded during December 2003 and January 2004 this recording features an intimate acoustic sound captured at Ken’s home studio “Wind & Wheat Music” in Piedmont, SD.

Seldom does the re-mastering of an already enjoyable recording yield such a rich and vibrant result as it does with acoustic guitarist Ken Verheecke’s outstanding re-release of a place called home (originally released in 2004). Verheecke’s gentle and heartfelt guitar playing is literally reborn on this CD, enhanced by new clarity and depth of sound. In addition to the new engineering aspects, the graphics were likewise upgraded (the original artwork was already pretty good). The new cover art, a farmhouse surrounded by a wheat field in the warm glow of a setting sun, merges with the music, both of them resonating feelings of peace, contentment, and genuine friendliness. Hearth and home, profound beauty disguised as utter simplicity, are heard throughout this exemplary recording. Verheecke’s adroit technique (sometimes solo, sometimes multi-tracked) and artist’s soul are amply demonstrated on every song. —- Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter

“Beneath A Prairie Moon” is Ken’s first instrumental release. Recorded in 2 weeks during the Spring of 2002 shows Ken’s ability to create and record music (Ken played all the parts on this release) that communicates the deepest places of the heart.

The year that followed this release, this release was Ken’s best selling to date… selling approx. 3500 copies.

This recording has been out of print for a good number of years, now… is available as a digital release through Wind & Wheat Music.